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Any of the comparisons of the British curriculums and American curriculums must start with the statement that one’s not comparing like with like. Whereas schools in the UK follow one standard curriculum, there’s no name national curriculum in the US. If you want to know more about these 2, then keep read on for further details.

British curriculum

Also known as the National Curriculum of the UK, this is a broad and balanced curriculum that covers entire of the major sciences, arts, humanities subjects. With a very wide-angle view and liberal approach, it is best for keeping track of progress and encouraging achievement whole the way from primary school to higher education.

Rigorous as well as well-organized in UK curriculum has been made to provide students, parents, and teachers a clear vision of progress at each educational phase. A detailed framework provides learners a simple to navigate the map to assist them to identify, work towards and reach their academic goals.

No matter where in the globe your child is studying, the National curriculum of the UK has been designed to promote embrace activity and independent critical thinking, planning as well as developing those all vital life skills. Ultimately, this is a curriculum made to help young people meet the difficult challenges of a changing world.

British curriculum and the International school system in England all work to encourage discussion and debate. Teachers are well-trained to grow active, inquisitive students to help learners voice their ideas with confidence. With a mutual emphasis on both group and independent work, the British curriculum has 1 core goal, to help the young generation flourish academically and personally inside a flexible curriculum.

American curriculum

The US curriculum is based on top standards of achievement in every subject. This board with a balanced approach is supported by a huge range of co-curricular activities which equip all learners with the skills they want for the current era.

An American International school begins with the entry of Kindergarten at age five. Students are learning through to grade 12, where they’re awarded a High School Diploma at age of seventeen. American Diploma is accepted for entrance by every University in the US and colleges and is increasingly recognized by other top universities around the globe.

Whether your child is studying the US curriculum from any part of the world, they offer a diverse and complete range of enquiry based, hands-on teaching and well as individualized instruction.

Making your choice

General students in any fine schools in either UK or the US will not vary hugely. The British Primary and early year curriculum have proven to be extremely successful in nurturing young child minds, but aspects of the American Middle school curriculum are also being developed very strongly. Both of the curriculum feature a solid emphasis on ICT skills, but the British curriculum is perhaps slightly more outward-looking.

The major difference will always be one of approach. And modern forward-looking curriculum aiming to maintain some traditional values, or an extremely varied state by state curriculum looking to satisfy the requirements of very varied community while maintaining liberal tradition, in the last, it is up to parents and students to choose the best suited to them.

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