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For many students who want to study abroad, the UK and Australia are 2 of the top well-known options. Both counties have prestigious curriculums and top quality of life. Every year, several students from all around the world arrive in UK and Australia to further their studies and several picks to stay on to build their careers after that. But which curriculum is the best?

About British Curriculum

The UK curriculum is also known as the National Curriculum of England, and this curriculum of education stresses creativity, flexibility, and critical thinking. Simultaneously, this curriculum includes a range of measurable and achievable aims, every designed to build on what need before while preparing the learner for their future goal.

One of the 1st steps in choosing a great school for your family knows the curriculum they follow. There’re many great choices to pick from, and everyone has huge advantages for the students who study under that curriculum.

Through its focus on achievement and goals, the National Curriculum of England makes sure that both children and parents understand their progress. This in turn lets each student reach her or his full potential. Here’re some key takeaways from one of the most popular forms of curriculum on the planet.

  • Thought widely in International school systems around the globe
  • Board reaching, student-centered, and well balanced
  • included all regular benchmarking as well as assessment
  • IGCSE in AS and A level qualifications

Kingsgate International School in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Malaysia

About Australian curriculum

The Australian Curriculum sets the whole expectation for what every young student should be taught, regardless of where they’ve in or other backgrounds.  Today education plays a vital part in shaping the lives of the young generation and contributing to a democratic, equitable, and just community that is prosperous, culturally, and cohesive diverse.

The underlying principle of the Australian National curriculum centers on enhancing the excellence, transparency, and equity of the education system.

  • An Australian curriculum will contribute to the provision of a top-class education in Australia setting out the knowledge, understanding the basic skills and required for work and life in modern time, and setting top standards of achievement.
  • An Australian curriculum will provide a clean, neat, and shared understanding of what the young generation should be thought and the quality of education expected of them, regardless of their conditions, the type of schools or colleges they attend, or the location of their school of college.

The basic commitment to developing an Australian curriculum reflects a willingness to work together, across the geographical and school boundaries, to give a top-class education for young students. Working countrywide makes it eligible to harness communal expertise as well as effort in the pursuit of this common aim. It also provides the potential for economies of scale and a substantial reduction in the duplication of time, resources, and effort.

Which curriculum is best for me?

It’s very hard to say which curriculum is best, although the National Curriculum of England is slightly ahead of the Australian curriculum, I don’t Australian curriculum is out of the race. Basically, choosing a curriculum is all about parents and children and their individual needs. So, pick one according to your personal education needs.

Which International School near me in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor?
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