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A very common issue that plagues parents all over the world is finding the right curriculum for their child. Most parents are not familiar with education curriculums around the globe and want to equip their kids with the correct skills and expertise to make a living future. Fortunately, they’ve a top British curriculum and CBSE. The choice of the curriculum parents pick for their kids can make a huge impact on the knowledge your child gains.

British Curriculum

The England National curriculum or British curriculum is a standardized set of subjects used by tons of primary and secondary schools all around the world, teaching all kids ages 3 to 16 the same things. Unlike GOV schools, academies and private schools do not have to follow the British curriculum.

Learning and teaching of the British curriculum are inquiry-based, with the main focus on problem-solving and goals to build student’s abilities as a student. Kids do their work both in groups and individually. Class sizes are small for greater attention to each student’s learning requirements. Every kid is taught in mixed ability classrooms, with students of a similar age group.

In the curriculum, drama, music and sport, and educational visits among other activities, form a vital part that aims to guide kids learn important skills, discover attentions and develop the confidence to go after new life challenges.

The program meets the all needs of the individual student. The National Curriculum of England is well adapted to the International environment. By selecting an English study for your children, you make sure the continuity of their education anyplace in the world.


THE CBSE is a board of education for Public as well as private schools, under the MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development) previously known as Ministry of Education, GOVT of India. It’s a GOVT board of education which was established on 3 Nov 1962 with the main purpose to make a common standard as well as a platform for each student in the country.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) as a national level board of school curriculum has the authority to affiliate schools for school curriculum, conducting the secondary schools for examination and the Seniors School Certificate examination, after that award certificates.

CBSE regulates the curriculum and organizes exams of 10 and 2 of the institutes which are affiliated with it. The CBSE curriculum is also vested with the authority to issue the certificate to successful children. The certificates awarded by the CBSE board are recognized for high education as well as for employment.

The main goals were to serve the educational institutes more powerfully, to be responsive to the educational requirements of the children whose parents were employed in the Central GOVT and had frequently transferable jobs.

Which is the best for your child?

The British curriculum and CBSE might be different, but the education provided by both the curriculums is solid and robust. They will help children gain fine quality elementary education needed to pursue further studies without any sort of impediments.

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