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As our world becomes increasingly more globalized, more and more parents prefer to enroll their children in International Schools. As an outcome, the demand continues to rise. It can be quite a good experience when it comes to selecting the right curriculum between the British National Curriculum and IGCSE to suit their child’s needs.

Having taught in the British National curriculum and now teaching in IGCSE give a huge opportunity to explore the 2 globally recognized curriculums.

British National curriculum

The British National Curriculum is grounded on the structure that outlines expected levels of achievement for the duration of a child’s education and also gives a usual program of assessments and evolution.

The British National curriculum is divided into foundation stage (ages 3 – 5), primary education (ages 5 – 11), and secondary education key stage three (ages 11 – 13). And the last of key stages, 1,2, and 3, the progress of every child is examined by individual teacher assessment alongside the NCAT (National curriculum Attainment Targets) for every subject.

In the British National Curriculum, children are taught to learn by creative things, problem-solving ability, questioning and rather than by the mere retention of facts and data. This would acquire them with creative and analytical thinking skills that they’ll need in the professional world. Several teaching and assessment ways made to develop independent thoughts also mastery of the subject matter is also utilized.

Parents also extremely keep the wide numbers of extra-curricular activities that the British National curriculum provides.


Administered by the UNI of CIE (Cambridge International Examination), the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) program is recognized globally. The curriculum is structurally made to facilitate holistic progress in the children. Learning is aimed at developing in youth minds to be further analytical, creative as well as intuitive.

The teachers at further as facilitators than delivers subjects to assist children to strike the correct chord and make a choice. With international recognition, the IGCSE curriculum prepares for higher levels such as A-level and AS, IB diploma, and APT. it’s also equivalent to the ICSE, GCSE, and CBSE boards. The curriculum integrates locals in a worldwide context assuring that children gain a complete perspective of the environment.

In most subjects, children have the flexibility to pick among the core and extended curriculum offering a wide range. It’s considered a very hard and rigorous curriculum where assessment is made to evaluate the full knowledge of the student in addition to written exams. As the course holds global recognition, it’s apt for children who want to pursue high levels abroad and is equally well-recognized by top colleges and universities around the world.

Which is best?

Both curriculums are highly respected and will provide you a fine grounding in the subjects you study. Whenever making decisions about your child’s future – whether it is on subjects, curriculum, or the choice among apprenticeship or University – you’d ask yourself how the next step will assist you to get where you are aiming. If you are focused on a choice among the British National Curriculum and IGCSE, always prefer your personal needs and interests which are very handy to choose the right curriculum.

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