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Schools are where personalities are built, this is the main reason why, parents deciding on which curriculum to apply for, should also have a fair knowledge about the types of boards the schools are offering. For examples, British curriculum and ICSE, while most of the boards are keen on offering a holistic experience to learners, there’re certain feature makes them different.

As a present, it’s always fine to know about these key differences before deciding as vital as which board to select, as this is the decision that’ll frame the foothold for a child’s future choice of subjects and career. This is why we make that a parent you’ve enough knowledge in hand about the curriculum, before selecting one for your child.

Here’re few vital points about the 2 boards British and ICSE curriculums offers, that’ll help you to know the key differences, and then make the choice.

British curriculum

Offering a top-class education founded on an elaborated British curriculum. It’s a detailed, planned, and integrated scheme covering a student’s whole school experience, from the age of three to eighteen. It’s a skill-based curriculum, improved by several fine textbooks and resources, with its testing curriculum. It fits into the English public exam system (AS, GCSE, and A-level), which is accepted by universities all around the world.

The British curriculum provides children with an education that’s recognized and held in esteem around the globe. Acknowledge for its extreme academic standards and its well-rounded approach to education, the system provides children with transferability and the option to gain access to valuable universities, globally.

The British curriculum is a set of broad and balanced standards and subjects used by primary and secondary schools so students learn similar things. It covers what subjects are taught and the standards students should reach in every subject.


ISCE curriculum refers to the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. It’s an exam offered by the Council of the Indian School Certificate Examination. That’s the private board of school education in India. ICSE was made to offer an exam in a course of general study. This is in accordance with the New education policy recommendations.

Children preparing for the ICSE have to study 6 subjects. For every subject, there’re 1 to 3 papers that test the children on various aspects of the subject. This means everyone sits for between 8 to 11 papers depending on the subjects that they study. The outcomes of ICSE are then taken from the finest 5 to 6 with English marks being compulsory.

The board of ICSE follows the basics of strengthening the syllabus. it mainly focuses on making the basics of children extremely strong. This helps the child a lot of confidence when higher studies are involved. There’s also many to focus on literature and language, which helps children to plan a career in reading, writing, debating, arguing, talking, historians, geologist, surveying, etc.

Which one is the best?

While British and ICSE are internationally offered and well-known curriculum, they’re both offered by different boards and grades. Their main difference is based on grading systems, content, models of teaching, and the kind of system. The basic line is that both curriculums work towards a common goal, which’s wiping out literacy and enhancing the quality of education. They also have the common aim of preparing children to face the world or progress to other standards of learning.

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